Your home is an accumulation of aspirations, memories, possessions as well as bricks and mortar. Our attention to detail when appraising your property will give you the peace of mind that if the worst ever happens, you can replace, repair or rebuild. From expensive or antique furnishings or collections to sophisticated entertainment systems, you will benefit from our comprehensive bespoke protection as well as insightful advice to further protect and insure your home and other properties.


Benefits can include:

Comprehensive and confidential home appraisals

The only way to make sure we have your home comprehensively insured is to visit your home and discuss your assets and risks. Your dedicated Private Client Account Director will organise to meet you or your representative at your property to document the unique elements and finer details. This will ensure that your home and your contents are comprehensively covered. 

Extended replacement cost

Following our appraisal, if your home does suffer from damage, in most cases, Our Insurer partner, Chubb, we will cover the costs of repair or rebuild to the properties original condition, even if the reinstatement cost exceeds your original sum insured.


Overseas properties

If you have property outside of Ireland, we will ensure that the correct cover is in place, especially if your property is vacant for extended periods throughout the year.

Appraising your property

Under – insurance of property can affect many, but is particularly pertinent in more affluent properties. You may believe you are adequately insured or may not have given this much thought. However, to ignore may leave you only partially protected or not insured at all for many items.

Our Private Client Account Directors go to great lengths to identify all instances of under-insurance and provide the relevant advice and insurance solutions to give you peace of mind. 

It starts with a conversation

If you would like to organise a personal and confidential meeting with one of our dedicated Private Client Account Directors or have any questions concerning our services, please call:

David Jermyn, Private Client Account Director directly on 087 255 6398 or email at,
Amy Power, Team Leader – Private Clients on 087 391 7603 or email at